SS20, Colares
  • Photographer: 

    • Anastasiia Gerak
  • Models: 

    • Joana Graca
    • Bianca Gerth
  • MUA: 

    • Bernardo Correia
  • Location: 

    • Colares, Portugal
    • OUTPOST - Casa das Arribas
  • Production: 

    • Paris+Hendzel Studio
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Products: Straw hats, Panama hats, Straw visorsModels: Wide Floppy Straw, Seagrass Gambler, Straw Teardrop, Panama, Bolero, Canotier, Palm Fedora, Wide Straw Fedora, Margot, Revel, Straw Visor, Boater

Fabrics: Panama, Straw, Seagrass, Cotton

Windy Colares. The furthest western point of Europe. Cliffs and ocean. Mediterranean architecture and local food. A few calm and joyful days before the pandemic.

About the collection:
Paris+Hendzel presents 6 new perfectly made hats. The permanent collection has been expanded with classic bestsellers like Canotiers and Teardrops in new colors (Pine, Mohogany, Caramel) and a completely new certified white Boater, plaited from natural Ecuadorian straw, decorated with leather straps, gold rivets and embossed gold logo.