Helen's youth
  • Photographer: 

    • Martyna Gala
  • Models: 

    • Bianka, Zoja, Sawa, Gaja
  • Styling: 

    • Maja Naskrętska
  • MUA: 

    • Ali Kosoian – Koźbielska / ali.makeup
  • Chief creative officer: 

    • Ewelina Gordziejuk
  • Production: 

    • Paris+Hendzel Studio
  • Thanks to: 

    • Monika Lenarczyk
    • Olga & Marta - Bebe Concept
    • Magdalena Kacperczyk & Lena
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Love, happiness and jauntily are the attributes of a happy childhood. Paris+Hendzel Kids presents its first collection called Helena’s Youth, inspired by the joy of the little girl who appeared in the family.

We present 9 new handmade hats for the youngest ones. 
The main goal we were guided by was the preparation of universal, delicate and very comfortable headwear from the best fabric possible.
We used great Italian straw and light Polish wool so our children could enjoy themselves while playing without constantly paying attention to their headwear.
All straw hats are equipped with the adjustable sweatbands so parents could perfectly adjust the size of the hats for their kids.

Paris+Hendzel Kids is the new chapter in the history of Paris+Hendzel brand.