5 panel hat
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paris+hendzel co.
handcrafted goods

estab. 2013

coats of arm : prawdzic

Company name derives from the last names of the founder’s parents signing with the same noble coat of arms Prawdzic used as an emblem of the Company.
Coat of arms of the Mother has been inherited through the male line Paris, of the Father - through the female line Brochocka.

Family tradition is worth emphasizing.

The company, founded in 2013, has taken over the legacy of the coat of arms. Coat of arms Prawdzic comes from the call "prawda = truth" and the heraldic lions hold mirrors its emanation - in their paws.

The Company Paris + Hendzel Handcrafted Goods is the realization of dreams, ideas, and ideas that often scrolled in the life of its creator. It is the passion with which we give in to the design, selection of designs, and materials.

Company products are created by hand from the highest quality materials and with the utmost attention to detail.

Our caps are manufactured in small quantities, which makes them a unique and important. We create a model until stocks of materials is exhausted, and a new pattern takes its place.

We want our products not only to be unique headgear to protect you from the sun and rain. We want them to be a particle of your "ego", to embody your desires and fantasies. To accompany you in your travels through the world of everyday experience and sensations.

We work for you to enable your expeditions into new dimensions.

We invite you to participate in this unusual project with the belief that in a small item of clothing, i.e. the cap, you can find strength for your quest to fulfill your dreams and take trips into the world of adventure, with its colors, flavors and fragrances.

Make your choice! Look for shape and color that is closest to your desires and hit the road. Alone or with friends.

let's start the journey!